Economy New York state (USA) : Manufacturing and industry

New York’s leading manufacturing industries include chemicals, food products, computers and electronic devices, industrial machinery, printing and publishing, fabrication of metal products, and apparel and textiles. While the state remains one of the industrial powerhouses of the nation, manufacturing began to decline as a segment of the New York economy by the 1970s. Employment in the state’s industries fell by nearly one-quarter between 1983 and 1993. The decline was especially drastic in New York City, which lost more than two-fifths of its manufacturing jobs. A number of large corporations moved their headquarters or operations from New York to neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut or to Southern and Western states.

The New York City metropolitan area, including parts of eight counties, has many of the industrial workers in the state and generates much of the state’s industrial income. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany-Schenectady-Troy, Utica-Rome, and Binghamton are the other manufacturing centers of significance.

The production of chemicals ranks high among New York’s industrial activities. Chemicals produced include pharmaceuticals, a variety of goods for the household bath, plastics, and synthetic rubbers. Food processing is also an important industry in the state. Buffalo is a leading flour-milling center and has some meat-packing. Wine, cheese, butter, cereals, and bakery and brewery products are processed at numerous locations. There are huge sugar refineries and coffee and spice warehouses in Brooklyn, New York City.

The computer and electronics industry is a large single source of manufacturing jobs in New York. New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties, Syracuse, Schenectady, and Utica are major centers. Schenectady, the hometown of the General Electric Company, is a center for the production of electric generators and other major electrical equipment. The manufacture of industrial machinery is led by the construction of refrigeration and heating equipment. Other workers are employed building turbines, generators, internal combustion engines, and air and gas compressors.

Economy of New York
Economy of New York. Picture E. BUCHOT
The printing and publishing industry is concentrated in the New York City metropolitan area. The apparel industry, though declining, continues in low-wage immigrant areas of New York City, which remains a center for the manufacture of women’s clothes and fur garments. Rochester is noted for the production of cameras and optical goods. Encarta
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