Photographic Book - Lisbon

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Pictures of Lisbon

Photos of Portugal


Lisbon - A beautiful capital

New series of pictures devoted to the beautiful city of Lisbon in the south of Portugal. Lisbon has 1 million inhabitants, and yet it is a city on a human scale. You will discover the old town with the Alfama district, its narrow streets, yellow or red tram, linen drying screens, old colorful buildings, the castle Saint George and his beautiful area with colorful houses .
You will see the famous Tower of Belem where the explorers of the New World left the church of the Monastery of Jeronimos simply sublime, the bridge April 25 that resembles the bridge of San Francisco.

Pictures of Lisbon were made following the end of June 2014 A beautiful blue sky, some sweetness without heat, a little wind. Brief happiness. If you wish, you can find information for planning a trip to Lisbon in Lisbon from when? What color? What to visit in Lisbon? © Photos of

Galery photos of Lisbon

Fountain of Lisbon

House in Portugal

Original house in Lisbon

Lisbon tram

Restauradores Square

Lisbon street

Lisbon in summer

Auguste street

Triumphal arch Lisbon

The capital of Portugal

Visit of Lisbon

King Jose 1 Portugal

City of Portugal

Historical district of Lisbon

Old Portuguese building

Historic city in Europe

Holidays in Portugal

Lisbon Cathedral

Mary Holy Church

Religious architecture

Roman style church

Historic center of Lisbon

Street of Portugal

Southner Europe picture

Landscape of Portugal

Lisbon castle

Old door of the castle

Medieval castle

A dog of Portugal

Castle district of Lisbon

Old street in Lisbon

Holidays in Lisbon

view of Lisbon

Tagus River

The roofs of Lisbon

The bridge April 25 Lisbon

Historical house in Portugal

Alley of Lisbon

Portugal colors

The art of Lisbon

Traditional Lisbon

Visit of Lisbon

Old house of Alfama

Musician Portugal

Church of Portugal

Picture of Alfama

Alto district to Lisbon

Vegetation of Portugal

Hills of Lisbon

Excursions Alfama

Southern Europe city

Traditional Building

Tram in the street

Old city of Lisbon

Famous Alfama

Children of Portugal

Yellow tram in Lisbon

Lisbon afternoon

Old house facade

Beutiful building

Daily Life in Lisbon

Holiday in southern Europe

St.Vincent Church

Population of Portugal

Old Square Lisbon

Street of Alfama

Lisbon photo

Sunset of Lisbon

Tourist district

Portuguese city

View of the Alfama

Azulejos of Lisbon

Portuguese street

Portrait of a woman

Church in Southern Portugal

Tower of Lisbon Cathedral

Old Portuguese buildings

Portugal in June

Architecture Southern Europe

Church bell

Southern light

Suspension bridge Lisbon

Monument to the Discoveries

Henry the Navigator

Conquest of the New World

Sunset over the River Tagus

Wind rose in Lisbon

Historical monument

Belem tower

Church of Jeronimos

Church of Belem

Monastery in Portugal

Street art in Lisbon

Portuguese folk art

Contemporary painting

Resident of Lisbon

Alto distric in Lisbon

Suburbs of Lisbon

Alto district street

Christ of Lisbon

Roque church in Lisbon

Colorful city of Portugal

Old Portuguese district

Detail of Lisbon

View of the castle

Festival of Portugal

Popular painting Lisbon

Portuguese humor

Facade of a church

Traditions of Lisbon

Medieval castle in Portugal

Weekend in Lisbon

Religious piety in Portugal

Sloping street in Lisbon

Famous person Portugal

Fountain Portugal

White Building in Lisbon

King of Portugal

Red tram in Lisbon

Lisbon by night