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Chiang Mai pictures in Thailand

Pictures of Thailand

Chiang Mai in northern Thailand

Photos of the beautiful city of Chiang Mai with its numerous temples. We count more than 350 in town. During religious festivals the population lives in the temples. You will find portraits of people: children, monks, novices and women from Chiang May This second largest city well worth a visit. In the region of Chiang Mai you will see beautiful scenery, elephants, tigers also. Good trip to Thailand.

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Photo Gallery of Chiang Mai
Children of Thailand
Woman of Chiang Mai
Young Buddhist monk
Praying Monk
Monk of Chiang Mai
Sleeping dog
Child of a Thai Village
Tiger in Asia
Wild orchid
Young tiger
Bath of the elephant
Elephant in water
Wild orchid
Chiang Mai by night
Temple in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai by night
Buddhist prayer
Temple of Wat Phra Sing
Thai religious art
Thai religious art
Temple gong
Islam in Thailand
Sad look
Thai musical instrument
Thai music
Buddhist culture
Religious culture
Traditional Buddhist art
Roofs of Buddhist temple
Bells of Thailand
Landscape of Thailand
Forest of Thailand
Vegetation of Thailand
Gold leaf
Elephant's head
Flower of Thailand
Colors of Thailand
Monastic habit
Elephant statue
Buddha of Thailand
Pagoda in Thailand
Vegetation of Chiang Mai