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Ideas visit Italy

Visit of Italy

You dream to go to Italy? You do not know which cities to visit or where to start? Here you will find all the info you need.
It is not necessary to go far outside of England to discover beautiful places. Italy is full of treasures at the gates of England. More beautiful than the other historic cities, rich history, sumptuous and very well backed monuments, a rich population in color with strong traditions still present. In selecting cities that follow, you will see many cited from the regions of northern Italy. For cause. North is full of gems. In any case, you have to make many trips to discover this country. You can get an idea of places to visit while watching the gallery photos. Good trip to Italy.

Rome the capital of Italy

Rome city. Photo E. Buchot
City of Roma

Rome merits several trips. A major European capital on a human scale. Rich in historical monuments, you will discover the Roman origins of Europe with the Colosseum where you imagine gladiatorial combat, the sound of the screaming crowd; you will see the remains of the Roman Forum; you will stop in front of the facade of the Pantheon (a must see at night) and you will discover a simple and Suprenant inside.
But Rome are also churches decorated with obviously Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Peter's Square; the Jesuit church with statues of gold; the Cathedral of Rome near the Colosseum (this is one of the largest religious buildings in the city).
You wander through the streets of the Italian capital, lively and colorful. Rome is a true open-air museum.

Venice - the city of the Doges

Image of Venice. Photo E. Buchot
Visit of Venice

Venice is without doubt THE Italian city to visit. Located in northern Italy, it is very different from other cities and it will delight you. You can borrow the famous gondolas with gondoliers in their striped sweaters with red or blue; you will take many bridges (remember to take good shoes); you will get lost in a maze of narrow streets. Think to look up and admire the architecture of the Venetian houses. You will leave by boat in the lagoon of Venice to explore the islands of Burano and Murano. Advice, visit Burano an island with colorful houses. A real gem.

Florence - a city of history

Picture of Florence. Photo E. BUCHOT
City of Florence

Florence is very nice. Like Venice and Rome, Florence is a must see. Magnificent, monumental, historical, beautiful. Frankly, there are few words to describe it. You will visit the most beautiful museums in Italy (the Uffizi), sumptuous churches (Santa Maria del Fiore, del Mare). Places are magic. Florence is also a night of true happiness.
Not far from Florence, lies the beautiful city of Siena and I weigh my words. A well-preserved medieval town. The historic center of Siena is fabulous. It is dominated by the tower of the Palace Vecchio from where many streets. Feel free to go on the heights of Siena. You will have a great view.

Parma medieval city

Less known than the previous cities, Parma deserves a good weekend. City of history and art you will not be disappointed. The baptistery dating from the 11th century is superb. Magnificent churches; the banks of the river with their beautiful stone bridge. The historic center of Parma is beautiful. Consider visiting the nearby medieval town of Reggio Emilia. A medieval town with colorful again a beautiful historic center.

Bologna and arcades

The city of Bologna is famous for its old arcades. In rainy weather, you can walk the streets without getting wet. Bologna is famous for the old square Maggiore where the duomo and old medieval towers dominates. A great return to the past.

Genoa and its historic center

Image of Genoa. Photo E. BUCHOT
City of Genoa

Trip in Genoa and discover a big city and very nice.
Far from the traditional Italian tourist trail, Genoa City opens its doors. She may have a reputation as a great industrial port city view. Yet its historic center, one of the largest in Europe is a World Heritage Site. The streets are narrow, paved. Old buildings restored not really give a lot of charm to this city.
In fact, Genoa is a real treat for tourists away from the crowds of other cities. A visit is essential.
Finally, you will walk beside the sea on a nice harbor where you can see huge ships under construction.
You will see the ships and warships.

Palermo the capital of Sicily

Located in Sicily, capital of the main island, Palermo contrasts with the other cities of northern Italy. This city has a rich architectural heritage, living religious traditions. You may be lucky enough to attend a religious procession, rich in color and fervor. You will visit beautiful churches, including the duomo. Consider visiting the small town of Monreale in the hills above Palermo. the Duomo is just gorgeous.

Verona and the Roman arena

Much less known, yet. You will discover in this ancient city in northern Italy, beautiful well-preserved Roman amphitheater. Today, they are used for shows and operas. Verona is also Juliet's balcony, old stone bridges.

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